|| || || (3PLearning Students from all over the world unite to break a new world record. They are are taking on a challenge to answer more than 182,445,169 questions in 48 hours as soon as it is March 4, 2009 AM in New Zealand the event starts for everyone(from worldmath site). Our local time for this event is March 3, 2009 at 3:00 AM. The 2nd graders, along with the school's Math Decathlon Team, are participating in this World Math Day hosted by 3P Learning. As of now there are 1,031,083 registered participants (28,501 schools from 231 countries). The practice was officially launched last February 4 and I was informed only today, Feb. 25. We're almost a month late! The leading school is Saudi Arabia with a score of 32, 134 , USA, 4th has a score of 11,932. Our Class Buddy from Bucharest ranks 25th with a score of 7110 as of Feb. 25th 5:46. Our very own Decathlon Team which started only today with me during DEAR time has 6,629! Second graders will start only tomorrow. Official count though will start only on the day of the event, March 3 in US or March 4 in other countries. Good luck to my second graders and to our Decathlon Team! Go BUCS! (Sr. Martina wanted me to include the whole school for the World Math and so there's the video of the whole CCS, excluding K-1, on World Math Day).