Our SKYPE BUDDIES and Around the World w/ 80 Schools

Here is a list of our skype buddies w/ whom we have finished video conference with. We still have a long way to go to be able to connect to others specially those in Europe, Asia, Africa, South America,and Australia. We're still working out some Time zone issues. Watch out for our upcoming video conference with these schools specially w/ our Class Buddy in Bucharest .We'll be having a video conference also with our Trucker Buddy Tony soon. Take a peek at some of our Skype Buddies with whom we have shared and exchanged information about our state, city, and school:

  1. Wisconsin - Mrs. Green Valley Elementary_
  2. Alabama- Ms. Stacks
  3. New York- Mrs. Rochford
  4. Pennsylvania - Ms. Lucas (St.Sebastian School) Belle Vernon
  5. Florida- Mrs. Tolisano (Thank you for spearheading this excellent journey around the world w/ 80 schools)
  6. Pennsylvania- Chad Lehman
  7. Canada- Ms. Brown (Haultain Community School)
  8. California, Long Beach- Mrs. Wagner (Hats off to Mrs. Wagner for coordinating some of our projects)
  9. Georgia-Mrs.J Hood (Woodward Academy)
  10. NSW Australia- F. Manning (Holy Family School)
  11. Hainesville, Illinois-Ms. Kirsten
  12. Virginia-Mrs.M Swecker
  13. Ohio- Pam Sengos