flag.gifRomania Class Buddy Sonny Leese

We have just started a Class Buddy program with students from as far as Bucharest, Romania!

Reading Buddies' List

1.Philip, Hannah, Samuel, and Alexis 2. Sasa, Gabi, Kasey, and Karen 3.Clara,Csaba, Nicholas, and Isabelle
4.Ioana, Diana, and Jonas 5.Vlad, Gui, Isis, and Jennifer 6.Pelin, Hithu, and Ryan
7.Fanni, Amelia, Marc, and Alona 8.Rodney, Brian, and Sophia 9.Rosie, 10. Radu, Klara, David, and LorenzoKristopher, and Judel

Second Graders Podcast of Funny Words Poem:

Here's the Funny Words poem I just don't know who wrote it
You guys can recite the poem (below) along with the second graders.

RockYou FXText

English has some funny words
They give my mind the jitters
They sound the same to you and me,
But are spelled with different letters.
There's see and sea
And be and bee
It's terrible confusing!
There's new and knew
And through and threw.
It's really not amusing!
There's dear and deer
And hear and here,
It's horribly disturbing!
There's there and their
And bare and bear,
It's really most perturbing
English is a Pain,(Pane)
Rain, reign, rein
English is a pain.
Although the words
Sound just alike,
The spelling's not the same.
Bee, be, b
I'd rather climb a tree
Than learn to spell
The same old word,
Not just one way, but three!
Sight, site, cite
I try with all my might
No matter which
I finally choose,
It's not the one that's right!
There, their, they're,
Enough to make you swear.
Too many ways
To write the one sound,
I just don't think it's fair!
To, two, too
So what's a kid to do!
I think I'll go
To live on Mars
And leave this mess with ewe! (you?)